Air Pollution Causes

Air pollution has an array of causes and they have a profound effect on all of the different living things in our environment. Many of us don’t think about the various causes of pollution that we are associated with. Yet we have more control over it than we often realize. When you have information about where the air pollution stems from then you make choices to reduce it.

The emissions from vehicles including buses, semi trucks, and out own cars all contribute to the air pollution problem. If you live in an area with lots of traffic and congestion then the problem is going to be much worse than if you live in a region where there are fewer vehicles. Air pollution causes!

Carbon monoxide is a very dangerous toxin that is found from the emissions on vehicles and airplanes. They significantly result in huge amounts of air pollution being created on a regular basis. The smog that results has been linked to various forms of respiratory problems for people of all ages.

Air Pollution Causes and Global Warming

The other factor is that global warming due to holes in the ozone layer have been developed. The thinning elements of the ozone means that the UV rays from the sun are more severe than before. That can alter climates, increase the risk of skin cancer, and allow forms of air pollution such as bacteria to spread faster.

Fossil fuels are used to create coal, oil, and petroleum that we use for vehicles and for factories. These are non renewable resources that end up creating large amounts of air pollution. Even mining which helps use to have entities that we want for our society means that we are trading it off with large sums of air pollution in exchange.

What may surprise you is that the creation of electricity that we need for lights and to power our electronic devices is one of the largest contributors of air pollution out there. By cutting down on the amount of electricity that we use we can do our part to cut down on it. Implementing the use of solar energy is also a way to get the electricity without the environmental damages. Opening up curtains to allow the sun to come in during the day is also a great way to cut down on the amount of electricity used.

Many forms of air pollution are due to chemicals that are in dust. For example forms of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers that are in the soil then can be moved and enter the air when there are high levels of wind. This type of air pollution is very serious as it can allow spores to form and even get inside of buildings. This is especially true in areas with high humidity. Then spores of mold that can make people very ill can be forming and you won’t even know it.

Air pollution causes

Factories that create various forms of products are prime contributors to the problem of air pollution. They continue to push the envelope for mass production. Just about anything you can imagine that is offered in bulk is produced in a factory. This can include your favorite foods, clothing, and even automobiles.

Air Pollution Causes and My Contribution

We all have a huge responsibility to take a look at our own contributions to air pollution. By changing the items that we use, the resources that we consume, and educating others we can help to cut down on the problem. There are many organizations out there that are dedicated to helping improve the quality of the air we breathe. Joining them can help you feel good about your own contribution to cleaner air for tomorrow.


Air Pollution Causes.