Air Pollution Information

If you don’t think that air pollution can really be a problem for you or your family then you need to read these facts. They will give you the full story on why we all need to be concerned about the problems. It is only when society works together to reduce air pollution that we can breathe easier.

Everyone is susceptible to air pollution but it is twice as likely to adversely affect those that live in major cities. The World Health Organization documents that at least 2 million people die annually as a result of air pollution related deaths.

Air Pollution Facts: Health

The increase in people diagnosed with heart disease and respiratory disease is directly linked to higher levels of air pollution. With heart disease being the number one cause of death in the USA it is certainly a serious situation that needs to be closely looked at.

The arteries in the body get hard due to a person breathing in high levels of emissions from vehicles. This can double the risk of a heart attack occurring for the average individual.

Jogging and running are believed to be very good forms of exercise for the heart. Yet when a person is jogging around traffic it can actually cause them to suffer from heart problems instead of helping them to be come healthier.

Studies show that Los Angeles California has one of the highest levels of air pollution in the world. The average person living there is three times more likely to suffer from chronic health problems than other places in the United States. These are air pollution facts!

On a daily basis each person will take in about 3,000 gallons of air according to the EPA. When there are dangerous particles in that air it reduces the quality of life for the individual. Children are highly susceptible to the same dangers of air pollution as adults.

The number of children in the USA diagnosed with asthma and bronchitis has tripled in the past 20 years. Experts believe this is due to the higher levels of air pollution that they are being exposed to on a daily basis.

Air Pollution Facts: Smog

Sometimes you can see air pollution such as when it is in the form of smog. Yet there are plenty that you can’t see such as the acid in rain, various chemicals, and extremely small particles. Vapors and gases may not be able to be smelled either so as you are driving or walking around you won’t even notice that you have been exposed to them as you breathe.

The ozone layer has been severely depleted due to air pollution. This is a serious matter because it means more UV rays are getting to Earth than before from the sun. This has altered the climate in many regions, making it extremely hard for many living things to continue to thrive.

Air pollution facts

Animals are adversely affected by air pollution as well. This includes both family pets and animals living in the wild. Veterinarians report very high numbers of the pets they work with suffering from heart and lung function problems due to air pollution.

The quality of air in a given location is addressed by the Air Quality Index. This is a way that people can compare the quality of the air from one location to the next. That information should influence where you live and even where you decide to take a vacation.

Reducing air pollution begins on a small level and then can be magnified to a global level. Small steps such as driving vehicles that are energy efficient, using less electricity, turning down the heat at home, and setting computers on sleep mode when you don’t use them can all help. These are air pollution facts!

Air Pollution Facts.