Consequences of Land Pollution

There are many causes and effects of land pollution. When you see the effects it really brings to light the reasons why we need to reduce those causes. We all need the land to be healthy so that we can grow food, to prevent run off from destroying water, and even the air we breathe can be affected when there are pollutants in the soil.

We tend to take up open areas that are forests and create living locations. Homes and businesses are cropping up all over in areas that were once open forest land. Even more construction in the cities means that there is an increase in the raw materials that are used for it. As forests are depleted it means that there is less oxygen and less soil for plant life to grow and thrive than before.

Causes and Effects of Land Pollution: Food

More land is used today for the production of food than ever before. As the population continues to rise there has to be more food offered. The use of herbicides and pesticides is very common for growing them. Those chemicals get into the soil and they erode it. They also are washed into the bodies of water.

Only organically grown food doesn’t have any forms of chemicals used in any part of the process are free of them. Land has to be chemical free for a period of at least 5 years before it can be certified for the growth of organic foods. The yield is less due to the time and processing it takes to plant, grow, and harvest the food. That is why it costs more.

Meat is something that most humans consume on a regular basis. To keep up with that demand large farms for them to be raised are out there. This too contributes toland destruction due to the amount of bodily waste that these animals create. Being able to properly dispose of it can be overwhelming for many of these farmers.

At the same time the human waste can be a problem for our land too. With so many people around the world now it is hard to properly dispose of it. In many areas there aren’t sanitary measures in place to take care of those wastes. As a result they get into the soil and water.

Have you ever wondered what happens to those items you toss into the trash can? Domestic waste are a huge causes and effects of land pollution. A large number of items aren’t biodegradable so that means they stay in the landfills for decades. To help reduce it consumers need to buy eco friendly products.

Types of pollution.

Land pollution.

Getting into the habit of reusing and recycling items is also very important. Studies show that only about 20% of what the average household tosses out can’t be recycled or reused. A great family project would be to think about how to better use items and even where to donate items that the household really doesn’t want.

Causes and Effects of Land Pollution: Factories

Factories still contribute to land pollution even though they are much better than in the past. The processes of creating food, products, mining, petroleum, and more all cause destruction to the land. Nuclear waste disposal is also a problem that requires a close look at. Those substances really aren’t good for the soil and can cause very serious health problems for those that are exposed to them.

As you see the causes and effects of land pollution, it should make you want to be able to do something about it. The blame is often passed along to industry but all of us have a role in it. Taking responsibly and action starting at home and where you work is a great start. These are causes and effects of land pollution!


Causes and Effects of Land Pollution.