Causes of Water Pollution

There are many causes of water pollution that deserve our attention. By being well aware of them we can all make choices to do better with reducing those elements. For example humans dumping their waste and their plastic into the water is a huge problem. Since the waterout there is often used for boating and other activities humans need to learn how to respect it. The idea is to make sure the water is better in the future than it is right now so we can’t continue to destroy it.

Pesticides and herbicides are the two chemicals most responsible for water pollution. They are used in large quantities in the soil so through run off efforts they do end up in the water that we have to live on. This includes the streams and rivers out there. Sure, farming takes on the bulk of the use of such chemicals but they aren’t the only ones. If you use fertilizer with chemicals on your lawn or pesticides in your garden then you are contributing to the problem as well.

Many people feel that they can’t do much about farmers using such chemicals. Yet you can make a very powerful statement through what you purchase. For example when you agree to only buy organically grown products then you are saying you won’t continue to accept chemicals being used for farming due to the water pollution problems they create.

Causes of Water Pollution: Petroleum Products

It is hard to imagine a society without the use of petroleum products. We rely on it to help fuel our vehicles including public transportation. The traces of it though are very harsh for the environment including the water. The various oil spills that have had widespread media attention also show us that in the blink of an eye millions of gallons of water can be adversely affected.

Boats that carry all types of cargo from one body of water to the next to get to their final destinations are also factors to consider. They are among the causes of water pollution as well. Yet we can’t get the items that we need and want delivered without using the water ways to their fullest. It isn’t limited just to the drilling for oil or the shipping of petroleum products as so many people believe.

Have you ever wondered where gasoline is stored? There are huge tanks under the ground so that when you pull up at the gas pump you can get what you need. However, there are thousands of them that are old and that leak gasoline into the soil around them. Then that allows the gasoline to also get into the bodies of water.

Contamination by drainage

Think for a moment about all of the wood you have around your home, paper products you use, and other products that are made from trees. The process of clearing out the forests contributes to water pollution in a variety of ways. The roots of the trees are usually not taken out and they rot under the ground. This can cause bacteria to develop in the sediment as it moves under the ground.

We are lucky to live in a society where health care has come a long way from what it used to be. Yet pharmaceutical products are something that definitely creates water pollution. Many items that we use such as hair color, laundry soaps, and products to clean our homes have powerful chemicals in them. Think about all of the different items you use in your own household that are being able to release chemicals into the water. Looking at it from that point of view may motivate you to make some different purchasing options.

Causes of Water Pollution.