Air Pollution and Health Problems

The effects of air pollution are huge in terms of how they affect the overall health of people. When you consider the millions of children and adults that suffer from some form of breathing difficulty it really should be a red flag that we have too many types of pollution in the air.

Asthma cases have skyrocketed in the past couple of decades due to air pollution. While it can be controlled this type of breathing problem results in particles bothering the airways and so they swell up. As a result the person finds it is harder to breathe. They may start to wheeze and have an asthma attack.

Upper respiratory problems are even more severe for adults that are over weight and who smoke. The contributing factors from air pollution make it extremely hard for them to be able to take in enough air. Then they find they struggle to have the air flow it takes to walk, to work, and to do a variety of daily activities. It can really limit their overall quality of life.

Effects of Air Pollution: Health Problems

Individuals with lung disease or heart disease are going to be severity impacted by air pollution. Since the overall level of chemicals and other particles in the air can influence the severity of the health symptoms and problems many doctor’s are telling their patients to move to a location with lower levels of air pollution for them to be exposed to if they want to do all they can to fight their health problems.

There are many experts who believe the variety of cancer we have in the world today can be connected to types of air pollution. They have done studies too in given areas that indicate where there are higher levels of air pollution there tends to be a higher number of deaths due to cancer and various breathing related health concerns.

The effects of air pollution don’t just cause long term health concerns either. They can affect a person short term. This is because there can problems with an abundance of pollution at a given time compared to normal. Many people that travel for work or leisure also find that they get exposed to high levels of air pollution.

As a result they may notice that their eyes and throat feel irritated. The nose may burn and feel sensitive when there is air pollution. Extended exposure can cause some serious health problems such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

Pollution by cars

There are plenty of people that seem to suffer from chronic fatigue. No matter how much rest they get they just feel that they don’t have enough energy. It could be due to the additional carbon monoxide in the air due to air pollution. Chronic headaches that some people suffer from are also believed to be caused by this factor.

Even though they have tried to change their diet, lifestyle, reduce stress, and other factors they continue to feel tired or have headaches that occur often enough to create serious issues for their health. However, they don’t make the connection that their air quality is likely to blame for how they feel. Even with medication they may find that they don’t get better until they move to a new location with less air pollution.

It can be very difficult to measure the true effects of air pollution. This is because the way in which it can affect a person can vary. Some individuals seem to have a high tolerance for it and others are very sensitive to it. This is why it becomes extremely hard to pinpoint and to blame air pollution for all of the differenthealth problems that people may have that could be linked to it. These are effects of air pollution!

Effects of Air Pollution.