Effects of Pollution

The effects of pollution are numerous and they are very serious. We have to understand them if we are going to be able to successfully take action against them. All living things out there are harmed by pollution and that is why it is such a global concern. This includes humans, animals in the wild, our pets, plants, trees, and the ozone layers.

Global warming seems to be an issue that takes a back seat to so many other types of pollution. Yet we have to realize that it is something that is changing the world right now. The climate in given areas are warmer than it normally would be. For example in the Arctic the polar ice caps are melting.

This makes it very hard for living creatures including seals and polar bears to be able to survive with those types of changes. Areas that used to get enough water for the living animals to survive are now in a state of drought. Even though many of those animals can live on very little water they do need some or they will die off.

The increase of UV rays from the sun that reach Earth through global warming also mean that the risk of skin cancer increases. When we are out in the sunlight without high SPF sun block on we are at risk. That includes both children and adults. Skin cancer may be treatable but it can also result in death for those that don’t even know they have it until it is too late.

Effects of Pollution: Health

The overall health of people and animals is the biggest adverse effect of pollution. The body is a delicate system and when things aren’t right it can’t function at its best. People and animals can become very ill due to various forms of pollution that enter their environment. Yet too often we don’t know what is wrong with us or what has caused it so the problem continues to get worse.

For example many people have respiratory problems. These aren’t just adults with genetic links or who smoke either. Many of them have been eating well and get daily exercise. Many of them are children that have been diagnosed with lung problems or the common ailment known as asthma. This means that their bodies aren’t able to function like they should. Asthma isn’t curable whether so they will have it for their entire life.

We may not seem to care about animals not being as healthy as they should but that is a terrible attitude to take. All of the living things on Earth have a purpose and it can be hard to know what it is. However, when you examine the food chain and the circle of life you can quickly see that the balance has to be maintained. As living entities die out – even those that are small and out of sight – there are damages for all living things on Earth that will occur.

Humans should always remember that they are at the top of the food chain. However, that also means they rely on sources of food that are under them. Should those sources be depleted what will happen to them? Some of the effects of pollution with food sources have already been identified. This is a red flag that we have tostop pollution in its tracks so it can’t affect our quality of life any more than it already has.

For example the amount of mercury that has been identified in various types of seafood. While consuming fish is said to be good for the body mercury isn’t. Those high levels can cause a person to become extremely ill. There are quite a few experts that believe Bird Flu, and Mad Cow Disease is the result or animals being adversely affected by pollutants in their environment.

Humans have a tendency to think about their own needs above all else. This can be to our demise though if we aren’t careful. For example the depletion of the rainforests and the various plants and trees that are found in areas are being removed. There people build homes, businesses, and even grow crops. Then they are reducing the amounts of oxygen offered in the air.

That means there can be more detrimental elements in the air such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and even nitrogen. When we breathe in too much of them then it can create very serious problems for the lungs and the heart functions. It is believed that bacteria can get into the body, viruses can spread, and even unborn fetuses can suffer from development problems due to pollution.

It is possible that many forms of cancer are the result of the immune system not working like it should. There are plenty of experts that believe the amount of pollutants in the environment can significantly increase the risks of cancer occurring.

Effects of Pollution: Food

Foods that we eat are grown with the use of pesticides and herbicides on them unless they are organic. Even with careful washing during processing and you washing them at home there is residue that remains on them. This in turn can cause someone to become very ill. Imagine eating more fresh fruit and vegetables to be healthier only to learn that it can be harming your overall health.

There are chemicals that come from factories too that have to be addressed. They can get into the air, the water, and the soil. When you consider the volume of factories around the world it is a huge contributing factor. Too often people only think of pollution from a factory as the smoke they see out of the stacks on top. Sadly, the issue is much deeper than just that though.

The effects of one type of pollution often set off a chain reaction too. For example radioactive chemicals in the soil can then get into the water. From there they can be released into the air. It is a huge factor then that we work on all types of pollution. We can’t just focus on one of them.

By identifying the various effects of pollution out there though we can get a realistic picture of where we stand. We can see that it is only through careful efforts and daily changes that we will be able to reduce the burden that we have placed on the Earth by our efforts.

Effects of Pollution: Technology

Given the fact that 90% of all pollution is directly causes by human efforts we have to take action. The technology offered today makes it possible for us to really be able to make positive changes. For example we realize that emissions from vehicles really affect the quality of the air we breathe.

With vehicles now having to pass emissions testing it helps a great deal. The issues of car pooling and public transportation can also reduce the amount of traffic that is on the roads at once. Yet it was taken even further with the introduction of hybrid vehicles. Hopefully the number of them on the road will continue to increase until all of them are like that. Just think about how much less of an effect pollution would have on use without such emissions concerns!

Effects of Pollution.