Effects of Water Pollution

The effects of water pollution are very serious and that is why each of us has to make efforts to reduce it. There are effects from it on humans, animals, and the environment as a whole. Taking responsibility for your role it is very important. Chemicals get into the water due to being used in the soil.

These chemicals can get into the water that we swim in. It can also get into the water that we drink. Even though there are treatment plants for water they are only designed to remove certain types of chemicals. When there are others introduced they can’t be taken out. Home filtering systems may help but there is still the risk of taking in forms of contamination.

When a person takes a shower the pores of the body open up. Should there be contaminants in the water they will getinto the body that way. There have been many very serious health concerns tied into the effects of water pollution. Some people suffer from nausea, dizziness, and other problems. This is often due to bacteria that hasn’t been removed from the water.

Effects of Water Pollution: Health Problems

There are many studies that believe certain birth defects, mental health problems, central nervous system problems, and cancer are related to water pollution. When you take a look at some studies you will find that there are cluster areas where large numbers of people have been affected.

When you break it down to what all they have in common with each other what comes to light? Often it is the water that they have been drinking and showering with. However, in many regions the problems caused by water pollution aren’t as evident. They affect people slowly over the course of time. Then it is hard to distinguish what variables including the water may really be responsible for them.

We often get a false sense of security that the government is going to be taking care of water pollution for us. To give them credit they do what they can though the EPA but there is still so much that has to be corrected. Yet a lack of resources, testing, and funding seem to be in the way.

Animals rely on water too and when it is polluted their lives can be upset too in the delicate balance of all of it. They may end up not feeling well, passing on health problems to their young, and dying out in large numbers. Parasites and bacteria found in polluted water can destroy very large populations in a short amount of time.

Pollution on water.

Contaminated water

There are many forms of life that only live in the water but when it is polluted they too can die out. Some of them may not mate anymore either so that upsets the balance of their natural numbers. It can have a rippling effect on all aquatic life and then eventually to land animals and humans.

The effects of water pollution aren’t something that only occur in underdeveloped counties. Instead, it is a huge issue that is found around the world. In fact, areas such as the United States where industrialization is so high the abundance of chemicals, mercury, and petroleum in the water are extremely high.

These are some of the hidden risks of water pollution and only the tip of the iceberg when you look at the spectrum of the problem around the world. If we want to live a full and healthy life then we need to start taking better care of the water. If we want our children to survive in a better world then we have the means of making it happen for them.


Effects of Water Pollution.