Pollution Introduction

Pollution Introduction

Pollution Introduction

Pollution Facts 

The delicate balance of the environment is very important to consider. When we contribute to pollution that destroys the habitat of other living things it comes back on us. We often fail to remember all of the aquatic life that is affected when the water is polluted. We also fail to think about those living entities in environments that we aren’t a part of.

Being eco friendly starts at home and branches out. There are community programs, state programs, and Federal programs. By making efforts to reduce contributions to pollution we can breathe in air that is better for us. We can drink water that has been treated to remove pollutants.



Education is a very big part of being able to successfully identify problems with pollution and to mandate solutions. The more information that the public has the better they are able to arm themselves with options for reducing problems. There are tax incentives to help factories to cut down on pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency is a Federal entity that has introduced many laws to help with reducing pollution.

They are an advocacy for society as a whole and they will take action. The have been involved with investigating toxic waste, overseeing waste water dumping, and even helping in areas where there are signs that the public is drinking water with high levels of contamination.

Some of the things that we depend on in society to help us though have contributed to pollution problems. For example radiation is helpful for X-Ray and other procedures to evaluate overall health but it can be harsh on the environment. Chemicals that we use such as pesticides and herbicides can also contribute to problems with the quality of the water we have access to.

Today there are fines and even jail time for those that knowingly contribute to the issues of pollution on a large scale. This has helped to reduce the problem but today we still have plenty of concerns with pollution. Parents need to be creating plans that allow the entire family to reduce pollution. Schools need to be able to educate children from an early age about the dangers of pollution.

As the industrial revolution started we were introduced to more pollution than ever before. As our population increased due to better medicine and people lived longer pollution also increased. With technology today though we can introduce some great ways to prevent and reduce pollution.

For example the use of emissions testing for vehicles is one way to cut down on the pollution in large cities. To take it even further though people can buy vehicles that run on electricity and hybrids. They too significantly reduce the amount of pollution that is in our environment. Being able to scale it back day after day means that tomorrow there can be less pollution than before and that is the goal that we all need to strive for.

Pollution Introduction.