Noise Pollution Solutions

Noise pollution control is important to help reduce distractions and stress. Sure, a person can get used to noise outwardly but the body and the mind don’t respond well to it. A person can find it is hard to concentrate, their mood isn’t what it should be, and their hearing loss can’t be repaired over time when they are continually exposed to noise pollution. Too often it continues though and by the time a person realizes there is a problem it is too late.

In 1972 the Noise Control Act was passed in the United States. The idea was that citizens were being exposed too much to various types of noise. The EPA took steps to help ensure that people were able to cut down on what they were exposed to. As society grew and technology offered more the problem was getting out of control.

Noise Pollution Control: Airplanes

Airplanes have been an issue with noise control for a very long time. We rely on them for transportation, for being able to send merchandise, and for vacations so that we can get where we want to go in no time at all. Today the technology for airplanes has made them quieter than they were in the past. However, the volume of flights per day means that the noise we do hear from them is a concern.

There are still noise complaints that occur. In some locations noise has been limited by airplanes to specific hours. For example they don’t allow planes to land or take off from midnight until 6 am. When an airplane takes off it is typically going to be upright and then outward to level off. This too helps with controlling noise pollution.

Concerts are exciting and fun but they are also very loud. You will find where they can take place is very limited. This is a type of noise pollution control and at most venues there is a curfew. This means that the band has to pay attention to the time limits for how long they are able to play. Both the band and the venue will be heavily fined if they don’t comply.

When you are in your own home or your vehicle you have a responsibility to reduce noise pollution too. It is common for people to get tickets under the category of disrupting the peace when they have their music too long. It isn’t just music though that can be a problem. For example this is also why people have to obtain building permits. It is all part of the effort to reduce noise that people are being exposed to on a regular basis.

Noises of the city.

In many areas you will find that there are homes, businesses, and even schools very close to the busy roads. In order to help with reducing the noise there are trees, decorative walls, and other barriers in place. The idea is to help ensure that traffic can continue to flow. At the same time though it is done to protect the hearing, the physical well being, and the mental health of people that are living and working in those regions.

Noise Pollution Control: Affects Aquatic Life

Aquatic life as well as land animals may be adversely affected by noise pollution too. In many areas there are laws that prohibit boating in certain areas of the water and other activities on land such as the use of all terrain vehicles. The idea is that when these forms of life are upset by noise they can become aggressive, they don’t eat, and in many instances they will stop mating. By taking action personally and within your community to reduce noise the issue of such pollution can be under control.


Noise Pollution Control.