Noise Pollution Facts

Noise pollution is very serious and it has bothered both humans and animals. Some have a high tolerance for noise so they fail to see that it is really a huge concern. They often debate that if people don’t want to hear noise they need to move out of the city. These noise pollution facts though can really give some support to the fact that there is a concern here that has to be dealt with in our society.

The fact that air travel is now one of the most common methods is a big part of noise pollution. It used to be that airports were quite a way from cities but as the need for homes and locations expanded they have become surrounded by residential areas. It also makes commuting from an airport to a city easier for travelers.

To help with reducing noise pollution airplanes now have to go up and then level off. This helps to reduce the sound barrier that they are able to be involved with and thus the sound is less than what it would normally be. In many cities there are walls very high along the major roadways to help cut down on noise pollution to those that live in such areas.

Noise Pollution Facts: Health problems

Noise pollution can be very intense and constant though and that makes it hard for people to relax. Studies show that noise that is high and often very intense can cause higher levels of stress. It can cause people to suffer from depression; it can interrupt sleep patterns, and reduce the overall quality of life for a person.

What may surprise you is that very low pitch noises are just as harmful as high pitch sounds. It doesn’t matter if the noise is a continuous element in the background or if it is a series of fast and short sounds that happen to be extremely low or extremely loud when they do occur.

One of the most severe effects of noise pollution for people is hearing less. More than 20 million people are believed to suffer from severe hearing loss due to the environment where they live. This includes people of all ages including children, young adults, and the elderly.

Other physical problems that can be the result of noise pollution include heart problems, breathing problems, and high blood pressure. Some studies show that continual exposure to noise pollution can cause people to have a lower immune system. As a result they are more likely to suffer from various ailments.

There are also studies that indicate psychologically noise pollution can increase behavior problems. It may be an underlying reason why some people have angry outbursts, violent crimes take place, and that many people just don’t seem happy even though they can’t put their finger on what they could do to be happier.

Noise pollution facts.

Many children have a hard time focusing in terms of what they need to do at home, socially, and at school. Is it possible that noise pollution is contributing to their brain not functioning like it should? Many experts do think that language development and cognitive abilities can be hindered due to exposure to noise pollution. With that in mind all parents should be concerned about how much noise their children are being exposed to environmentally on a daily basis.

The EPA recognizes that technology is key to reducing noise pollution. They continue to try to implement laws that prevent noise from being a huge factor for people in a given location. Yet technology has also allows cities to boom and become over populated so it is partly to blame for noise pollution. These are noise pollution facts!

Noise Pollution Facts.