Pollution in the Oceans

Understanding the value of the ocean is something that many people don’t have a grasp on. They feel that the water there isn’t valuable due to salt content. Yet it is home to large numbers of aquatic life. Without them being able to create oxygen for us then there would be no humans or other living things on land that could survive.

Most of the oxygen that is generated comes from the bodies of water known as the oceans. Most people though always assume it comes from trees and plants. They do offer oxygen but not in the mass volume that we get from aquatic life in the oceans. With almost all of the water out there being salt water that covers a very large mass of the available water supply on Earth.

These ocean pollution facts will give you a new appreciation for what goes on in those bodies of water. They will also help you to see that we can all take action now to reduce the level of pollution in the oceans so that the future is better for everyone.

Marine life is dying out at a fast rate due to ocean pollution. This can be due to dumping of waste intentionally, due to oil spills, and even due to run off water that contains a variety of harsh chemicals. Petroleum production is at an all time high to keep up with the needs of people.

Habitats are being destroyed in the ocean due to water pollution. It means that those aquatic life forms aren’t able to continue to thrive as they once did in a given area. The amount of plastic, chemicals, and other forms of pollution in the ocean is very high. This is due to industrialization, people using the ocean for fun and adventure but leaving waste behind, and accidental spills.

Experts believe that 80% of the pollution in the oceans is due to the efforts of humans. This means that a great deal of it could be reduced if everyone was careful with how they disposed of waste. At the same time businesses need to be more careful with their contributions to ocean pollution.

Ocean Pollution Facts: Oil Spills

Oil spills are a main culprit for ocean pollution. Even with clean up efforts that are swift and costly the damage can’t be undone. Studies have shown that the damages to the water and to marine life continues for at least a decade. Given the fact that there are several oil spills annually the toll of such effects adds up quickly.

Approximately 20% of ocean pollution is due to the efforts of those fantastic cruise line ships. Today a cruise is seen as a great getaway for couples and for families. However, they create up to 1 million gallons of waste each week.

Dirty beach.

Various forms of pollutants in the water including plastic have created a mass source of destruction to the oceans. Many experts believe that under the water that we can see is a vast underwater dump. It is estimated to be as wide as the state of Texas and that is only in regards to what has been found at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

The EPA is limited in terms of what they can enforce when it comes to ocean pollution. They have been able to get The Clean Air Act implemented and other guidelines. Yet there are many areas where their hands are tied. They often get the blame when ocean pollution continues but they are doing all that they are able to at this point in time. It is very hard for them to get fines paid and pollution laws enforced. These are ocean pollution facts!

Ocean Pollution Facts.