Organic Pollutants

When we think of organic we often think about them being very good for the environment. However, it may surprise you to learn that there are some organic pollutants out there and they are used very frequently. Understanding what they are, what they are used for, and what you can do about it is all part of ensuring you and your family have a safe environment to live in.

There are organic elements in our environment that develop as the result of air pollutants. They include Benzene, Xylene, Toluene, and Formaldehyde. Even with the EPA doing all they can to reduce such risks there are many urban areas out there that simply have too many of these organic pollutants in the air to be safe for people to breathe in day after day.

Even though there are emissions laws in place, the sheer volume of vehicles on the road day after day adds up quickly. When you consider the amount of gas combustion in the air, emissions from vehicles and from waste incinerators it is a huge epidemic that most of us overlook. It is even worse in the heart of major cities that have become very large and congested.

Dry cleaning is a luxury for many of us. First, we have to look professional for work so getting our clothing pressed is a big part of it. However, there are many forms of organic pollutants that are part of dry cleaning. They use a variety of solvents in the process and that is very irritating to many people when they breathe it in. That could be part of what is making you ill and you have never realized it.

Do what you can to be an advocate to ensure industries in your area are following the law. You can put pressure on them through various group efforts so don’t feel that your hands are tied. Support legislation that promotes emissions testing on vehicles too so that they reduce the levels of organic pollutants that they contribute. Car pooling and public transportation are also very important to consider so that there are less cars causing such pollution daily.

The Organic Pollutants and Human Health

When humans breathe in large amounts of organic pollutants for long periods of time it can cause serious problems for them. When you go through areas that have heavy smog that is a strong indicator that there are serious pollution problems that need help in that area.

If your attitude is that you don’t care about organic pollutants then you are really sabotaging your overall health. Many people of all ages and backgrounds suffer from various irritations. They often affect the throat, eyes, and the nose and most people assume they just have allergies.

When people are severely hindered by exposure to organic pollutants there can be very serious health problems. For example it can result in short term memory loss and slower reaction times. Accidents can occur too if a person has lost control of their level of coordination too. There are plenty of gases in the environment such as Formaldehyde. Many respiratory problems for people are the result of this exposure over a long period of time. Yet it is often blamed on other factors in society such as genetics or even smoking so the true number of people that have been adversely affected by such organic pollutants is very hard to identify.

The EPA continues to do all they can to adequately measure the levels of organic pollutants in a given area. They have been heavily involved in reducing risks, educating the public, and helping businesses to get into compliance.

Organic Pollutants.