Save the Planet 

There are so many ways that each of us can save the planet from pollution. Being mindful of them daily is very important. Getting our children, friends, employers, and communities involved is a great place to start. Educating children about saving the planet is a way for them to help too.

Get rid of all Styrofoam products. They don’t degrade so they stay in the landfills. Use refillable cups in their place. Get rid of plastic bottles too including those for water. Use eco friendly bottles that stay cold and that you can fill up again and again. Pay close attention to the packaging on products you buy too. If they aren’t eco friendly then boycott them.

More Ideas to Save the Planet from Pollution

Turn off lights when you don’t need them. Open up the curtains to let sunlight into your home. You can also use solar panels as a way to reduce your reliance on nonrenewable sources of energy. If you don’t get home until after dark put in a motion light or flameless candles on timers so that you don’t have to leave any lights on.

Turn down the temperature in your home by a few degrees and you will cut down on the amount of resources you use. Dress lighter when it is hot and put on a sweater when it is cold to help you stay comfortable.

Sign up for lists that cut down the amount of junk mail you will get. All of those trees wasted is really ridiculous. You can also sign up for paperless statements for your bills. Instead they can be emailed to you. Try sending e-cards too for birthdays and the holidays instead of paper ones. You will save on postage which is also a nice bonus.

While it is understandable you want a clean home those cleaners aren’t safe for you or the environment. If you have children or pets you are exposing them to toxins that aren’t good for them to be around. You can clean your home with eco friendly products so don’t feel that you must continue to use those dangerous products.

Make sure your vehicle isn’t contributing to high emissions. If you have an older vehicle have it tested. Try to cut down your commuting too. For example you can car pool so that there are fewer vehicles on the road or take public transportation. Try to walk or ride a bike when you can. If you do have to drive your vehicle often consider investing in a hybrid.

Avoid using chemicals on your lawn too. Fertilizers have many toxins in them and when it rains or you water the grass it runs into bodies of water. You can use natural fertilizer including leaves and manure. You can also use natural ways of removing pests and weeds from your yard and from your garden.

Save the planet.

Our wonderful world.

All of the small efforts you make to save the planet from pollution add up quickly. They don’t take much to do but they have wonderful benefits. You can feel proud of your lifestyle when you are confident that you don’t continue to create more problems. Instead, you are part of the solution to make the Earth better for all living things. Continue to learn too so that you can add new things to your anti pollution commitment as they are introduced.

As technology expands it makes it possible for people to do more and more. You don’t have to give up what you like to do, just find a better way to do it! For example eating food that is organically grown cuts down on chemicals that are being used to grow food.


Save the Planet from Pollution.