Types of Air Pollution

There are quite a few types of air pollution that the EPA has identified. In each of the categories they also have assigned levels of the threat each of them has on the overall environment. That impact is used to help them determine how they should proceed with trying to control and reduce that particular form of air pollution.

What has happened in our society is that as we use more technology such as for factories and vehicles we have increased air pollution. The number of flights daily is high when you think about the days when there were very few airplanes in the skies. Now it is a major mode of transportation but that means more air pollution.

We do rely heavily on the production of large industries. They offer jobs, help the economy, and ensure that consumers can get what they want with ease. Yet the price that is often paid for that is high levels of air pollution. Even though they have tried to use technology that helps to reduce it the sheer volume of production and the number of such industries means that air pollution problems continue.

Types of Air Pollution: Like a Poison

Carbon monoxide is a type of poison and it is a very serious form of air pollution. With the high number of personal vehicles, business vehicles, and public transportation out there this is what has allowed so much air pollution to occur. Today there are emission laws that require vehicles to pass an inspection. If they release too much carbon monoxide then they can’t be used on the roads.

The newer vehicles offered today release far less emissions than those that are several decades old. However, when you think of the overall number of vehicles on the roads every single day the level of air pollution can be at an all time high. Try to find fuel efficient vehicles too. Not only with they save you money at the pumps but that will result in less air pollution being created.

Types of air pollution

The EPA has done what it can to help reduce air pollution. They have established guidelines in place that limit the output of various types of air pollution. One of the ways they have done so is through The Clean Air Act. This was established to help bring lots of attention to the issue.

The EPA has taken a great deal of time and energy to help educate the public about the different types of air pollution. They want people to see the value of being able to reduce the emissions. The Federal government offers tax incentives to businesses that take efforts to reduce air pollution above what the EPA requires. Even individuals can get tax incentives for buying hybrid vehicles.

Me and The Types of Air Pollution

You may be wondering what you can do to help reduce these types of air pollution. First, support the efforts of those businesses and industries that are taking effective measures. When they have to pay to reduce air pollution they should get the loyalty of consumers over their competitors who aren’t going that extra mile.

If you drive an older model of vehicle try to trade it in on one that offers fewer emissions. You can also consider car pooling, buying a hybrid vehicle, and walking or riding a bike when possible instead of operating your vehicle. The more you can save fuel the better.

What do you set your thermostat on at home? If you reduce it by a couple of degrees you will be able to significantly reduce the amount energy that your home appliances take. Turning off lights when you don’t need them will also reduce air pollution. Reduce the different types of air pollution!

Types of Air Pollution.