Types of Pollution

Types of Pollution

Different Types of Pollution.

Pollution is a very serious issue for all people to take into consideration. All of us contribute to it but the real question is how much? Some more than others due to the choices that we make. Learning about the four major types of pollution can help all of us to identify what we are doing to contribute and ways to reduce it.

Air Pollution

Air is a major part of out ultimate survival. Without it humans and most living creatures would no longer be able to exist on Earth. While we do have an abundance of air at this time we have to worry about the quality of it. Industrialization has definitely caused a great deal of pollution. There are plenty of forms of pollution though than come in forms we would never think of. They include dust, carbon dioxide that is released into the environment, and even vapors from a variety of chemicals.

Water Pollution

We tend to forget just how many living things are in the water because we often don’t see them. That is why water pollution is such a big concern. A great deal of aquatic life is at risk of surviving due to the pollution of oil, chemicals, and even plastic in the water. Of course humans rely on what too for drinking, showers, and so much more. The last thing you want is high levels of chemicals or other forms of pollution getting into that water.

In spite of all that water treatment plants offer, they simply can’t eliminate all of the problems that can stem from forms of water pollution. That is a false sense of security that too many people have. For example the treatment plant is only set up to remove certain forms of bacteria. Others that are found in water would continue to thrive and to move into areas where they could be consumed. Don’t think for an instant that you are 100% safe with bottled water either.

Soil Pollution

The amount of damage that has occurred to the soil in the way of pollution is very high. When land is used togrow food there are often herbicides and pesticides in the form of chemicals used there. Even our landfills are places where you can find high levels ofpollution. Erosion of the soil means that there is a very slim chance that anything can continue to grow in that area so it is definitely a reason for concern.

Noise pollution facts

Noise Pollution

We live in a society where faster and better continues to be in a stage of continual development. Yet that has caused a great deal of noise and that too is a form of pollution. It can be hard to concentrate due to traffic, airplanes, trains, and industry all around. That can also be stressful for animals due to the fact that humans are settling closer and closer to their natural habitats than ever before.

All four of these types of pollution have had a very significant impact on the environment. Taking the time to learn about them, to understand what causes them, and to live a lifestyle that is proactive in eliminating them is very important. It can help us to be healthier, happier, and for future generations to have a cleaner environment to thrive in.

As you can see we all have our work cut out for us. Even with government standards in place there is still plenty to do about pollution. Being very cautious about what methods you take part in though can really help. For example only buying organic foods and driving a hybrid vehicle can all be steps in the right direction for reducing the types of pollution in your environment.